Parent Information

Parent Visits

Parents are encouraged to visit the center and are frequently asked to assist with field trips, parties, and to share talents, hobbies, or vocations with the children. We have an open-door policy, so you may visit your child at any time. However, if your child is having a difficult time saying goodbye to you in the mornings, it is best to wait until he or she has smoother drop-offs before visiting the center during the day.

Drop off & Pick Up

The parent, guardian or responsible adult must bring the child into the center. Families must sign their child in and out each day at drop-off and pick-up time. Also, families must make certain that the teacher is aware that their child has arrived to school before leaving. No child may be left in the center unattended. At pick-up time, the family should check the child’s cubby daily for wet or soiled clothes or bedding, notes from the center staff, and the child’s completed projects. A child cannot be released to anyone without written permission from his or her parent or guardian. We must have a signed and dated note if anyone other than a parent or guardian or the person(s) listed on a child’s release form is to pick up the child.

Communication Between Home and School

Progress reports will be written in January and May. Parent conferences will be scheduled in January and May to discuss your child’s activities and participation in the program. However, if concerns regarding your child arise, your child’s teacher will speak with you and, if necessary, schedule a parent meeting at that time. Also, parents may request a conference at any time.

Parents are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions with their child’s teacher and/or the director. Parents also have the opportunity to support the center by joining the Parent/Teacher Committee that meets monthly during the after school program.

Children’s Files

All information contained in a child’s record shall be privileged and confidential. We will not release information without your written request and approval. However, the Office of Child Care Services, an office of the State, has the right to access all children’s files but must maintain the confidentiality of the individual records. You have the right to add information, comments, data or any relevant material to your child’s records. Parents also have the right to request deletion or amendment of any information contained in the child’s record. A conference will be scheduled so the parent can express, clarify or correct such information. Within one week after the conference a decision, in writing, will state the reason for the decision. If the decision is in favor of the parent(s), we will immediately take steps to put the decision into effect.

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