In the early years of schooling, young children should experience the joy of being a child through their PLAY. Indeed they should be positively encouraged to indulge in their rightful heritage, their childhood, to live fully as children, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

(Source unknown)

Campus Kinder Haus will offer the children the opportunity to explore and develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

  1. Physical Development
    The environment will allow children to discover themselves as physical beings. Space and equipment will be provided for the children to run, climb, and use their large muscles. An emphasis will be placed on balancing skills, locomotor skills, hand-eye and eye-foot coordination, and spatial awareness.
  2. Emotional Development
    Each child will be encouraged to discover her or himself as an emotional and feeling being. The children will explore how to express and respond to the range of emotions people experience. Free play, circle time, conversations with classmates and moments of teacher guided conflict-resolution will all assist children in their emotional development.
  3. Social Development
    The child is a social being, long before he or she comes to school. School will expand his or her social world and will provide new opportunities for socializing. Sometimes the children will choose to play alone. At other times they will seek to play with one other child or with a group of children. The children will also build relationships with the many adults who care for them each day. Each child will be encouraged to explore these relationships in a manner that is comfortable and natural for him or her.
  4. Intellectual Development
    The children will be developing their intellect by exploring the materials, environment and people around them. Their natural curiosity will be encouraged by consistently offering new activities and materials to discover. Teachers will guide children in the process of questioning, developing and testing hypotheses. They will learn to use their senses and critical thinking skills to discover new characteristics of materials they explore. The children’s learning will occur primarily through hands-on experiences.
  5. Spiritual Development
    Finally, the children’s spiritual development will be encouraged through songs, stories and conversations about God’s love for them. While all religious beliefs will be respected, the center is founded upon the Christian faith and will provide the children with the opportunity to explore and learn about this faith. The teachers will model for the children God’s love by consistently caring for and loving them as unique and special individuals.