Who We Are

A Nurturing Preschool

Campus Kinder Haus will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children ages 2 years 9 months to 6 years. Directed by Nicole Caldwell , CKH will be the fun, affordable preschool with the best quality you can find. We seek to stimulate and develop children’s growth, development skills through staff and child directed activities in our daily agenda.

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3 Year Olds

Your child can start at CKH when they turn 2 years and 9 months.

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4 Year Olds

Your child will be in a classroom with other children in their developmental stage, building relationships and learning together!

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We utilize both pre-developed curriculum that is research-based as well as teacher-created curriculum that is based on the children’s interests and development.

Visit Our Preschool

If you are interested in setting up a tour at Campus Kinder Haus, please call Ms. Nicki in the office at 617-328-5530. We typically do tours Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 and 11:30 am. During the tour, you will visit each classroom, meet the teachers, and receive any paperwork necessary for enrollment. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to CKH!

Lively Letters

Lively Letters trains children in the critical skills of speech production and phonics.

NAEYC Accreditation

NAEYC academy for early childhood program accreditation.


Activities cater to your children's creativity through art and music.

Safety First

Peanut and Nut Safe School!

Positive Environment

We will always display love and respect for each individual child.

Enrollment Options

We offer a wide variety of enrollment options for your families needs.

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Meet Our Qualified Staff

Our directors and teachers are certified through the Department of Early Education and Care and are required to hold a bachelor’s and are highly encouraged to complete a master’s degree. The teachers are experienced in guiding children through fun, hands-on learning experiences while supporting them through transitions as they grow. Our assistant teachers are students of Eastern Nazarene College and come to our center to gain instruction in developmentally appropriate practice. Their energy and enthusiasm make them a wonderful addition to our program.


Eastern Nazarene College students work in the program as active participants in connection with course work and student teaching. For the college student, the school presents a rich opportunity to experience the complexities and rewards of working with young children. For the child, the center offers a child-centered, developmentally appropriate program designed to promote the growth of the whole child. The teachers, students, and college faculty seek to work closely with the families in the program and welcome parent participation. Families are our partners in the education process. Together, we can guide each child towards a life filled with a love of learning as well as joy and peace as they enjoy healthy relationships with others.

CKH is so thankful to be in partnership with the Eastern Nazarene College Education Department. If you are interested in learning more about this degree program and all that ENC has to offer, click here! 

The CKH Team is SO Thankful!


Campus Kinder Haus was voted Reader's Choice Awards 2019 and 2020 Best Preschool by Wicked Local. We are so blessed to serve the families of our community and truly love what we do.


We couldn't have done it without you.


Thank you!

our activities



Our outdoor, fenced in playground has many features such as a play structure, large sandbox with sensory table, tricycles with a paved riding track, bubbles, chalk, basketball hoop, and soccer equipment. It is a great space for children to have a wide variety of active opportunities to play with friends!

Each classroom has two, 30 minute scheduled playground times each day!


The Big Room

The big room is a large open space with toys, a home center for creative play, a loft, balance boards, and more that children can play with when we are experiencing a true New England weather day. This room gives the children the opportunity to be out of the classroom and the ability to creatively play together during cold or rainy weather.


Fantastic Friday

Friday's are a time when the whole school comes together in the big room to sing and learn. We do a special bible lesson that one classroom teacher coordinates, which includes active participation. This gives the children the opportunity to interact with all the age groups, teachers, and helpers at CKH. We also have pizza day on Friday. For $2.50 your child can have 2 slices of cheese pizza at lunch time!